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Oriental Rugs - Hand Knotted Rugs vs. Machine Made Area Rugs                    

The basic difference between a hand-knotted rug, also called handmade, and machine-made is that machine-made rugs are not actually knotted.  The fiber is put into place by machine, and then secured with latex backing. This makes the back rough to the touch and creates a grid appearance on the back of the rug.

An Oriental rug that is hand knotted outlasts it's machine made cousins by at least fifty years and usually much longer. When compared with a true oriental, a machine made rug lacks charm, originality, durability, and potential investment value. Machine made copies MAY initially cost you less (not always), but, pause to consider its replacement cost after, for instance, ten years of family life. Add to this the cost of inflation and the fact that they have little, if any, resale value. It is prudent to spend a relatively small extra amount of money and buy a handmade oriental rug. A true oriental rug at ten years of age is still considered "new" by the trade.

Rugs that are hand knotted do not lose their value.  They are known to gain in value with age. Synthetics usually lose all their resale value once they are bought.

Why Wool Rugs Are Superior to Synthetic Rugs

Naturally Superior

The value of wool is as long-lasting as the fiber itself. Inherently flame retardant, resistant to dirt and crushing, it is naturally superior to synthetic fibers.

Fire Resistant

Wool rugs are inherently flame retardant, thereby difficult to ignite and self-extinguishing. It has little danger from an accidental fall of a cigarette or candle.  Instead of burning freely when touched by flame, wool chars and stops burning when it is removed from the source of fire.  It will not support combustion; this is why wool blankets are recommended for use in extinguishing small fires.

Healthy Environment

A wool oriental rug, unlike synthetic, rapidly absorbs common contaminants in indoor air like formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide (emitted by construction material such as home paint, furniture, fossil fuel, cooking etc.). Not only does wool keep the air free of many harmful pollutants, it will not re-emit them, even when heated. In fact, it has been estimated that wool rugs can continually purify indoor air for up to 30 years!  

It's long, coarse fibers cannot be inhaled and therefore do not affect allergies and asthma. Unlike synthetic materials, wool does not give off harmful emissions.

Saves Energy

Superior insulating properties compared to synthetic fiber saves on your energy bill. The capacity to absorb moisture makes it a "temperature regulator" because it can protect the body in both cold and warm conditions. Wool always absorbs moisture from the atmosphere of greater humidity and releases it to the drier environment as it creates a balance in moisture conditions. This way it acts as a natural air conditioner.

Good Appearance

As time passes, the colorful dyed natural fibers of a handmade oriental rug will age gracefully to a wonderful patina (a sheen caused by use) which is highly prized by collectors, and increases their value many times.  Wool absorbs many different dyes deeply, uniformly and directly without the use of combining chemicals.

Complete any room with beautiful flooring in any style to compliment your rugs.

Easy to clean

Unlike synthetic fibers, it doesn't attract static electricity sparks, or cling to the body. Static electricity charges actively attract dirt so a woolen rug doesn't get as dirty and is easier to clean and can also repel water and stains.

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